Green Angel

Green Angel, by Alice Hoffman

How the world ends: A fire destroys the city, sending ash across the river into the countryside; there aren’t any signs of nuclear fallout, but there does seem to have been a deliberate attack of some sort

Most end of the world books spend some time laying out both how the world ended, and what the challenges of survival now are. Green Angel was fascinating because it danced so lightly over these things–yes, there was a disaster; yes, getting enough food is a concern. But the book isn’t concerned with the details of these things, Rather, it tells a smaller, closer story: how a single girl comes to terms with her own very personal losses, and how she loses and finds her own self in the process. This isn’t a survival story, but rather a strangely gentle fable, one that has things to say about how we all deal with our losses. I loved this book, and would probably put it up there right behind Life As We Knew It and The Green Book.

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