Waving to Country Meadows

I spent yesterday talking with the students at Country Meadows about how adventuring and writing are alike, and about ways to generate story ideas.

The stories we came up with included tales about:
– A baby who wins the lottery the day he was born, and gets a million dollars every time he speaks for the rest of his life
– A school where the teachers have all turned into vampires (and you thought they were only drinking coffee!)
– A dancing chicken who wanders into the library when really he’s desperately searching for the bathroom (why else would he be dancing?)
– A world where the kids can all fly, because they no longer have to go to school (who knew it was school that keeps us from flying)

If anyone from Country Meadows is reading this, you guys were great, and it was fun to hear all your ideas! I hope you keep writing and keep working on these ideas and other ideas of your own both. 🙂

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