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More NYC tourist stuff: finally made it up to the Cloisters. Knowing I had less than an hour, I focused on the tapestries, especially the Unicorn Tapestries. Okay, so the Cloisters are filled with stunning art, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the Unicorn Tapestries were the real reason I headed up there.

They were stunning, of course: 16th century weavings with the colors still vivid, and with amazing attention to detail: the velvet of the men’s coats looked like velvet; there were frogs and squirrels and dragonflies in the background greenery. But they were also disconcerting: because these are pictures of a unicorn being hunted and killed, and they hung in someone’s home somewhere for years and years and years. The story they’re telling is not a kind one, and it’s not at all clear whose side the author was on.

That’s pretty much it for the tourist stuff; I take home with me the memory of four stunning and disconcerting works of art. I had meetings, too, and they went well, but that’s not really the stuff of a blog post.

Instead I’ll point to this: Publishers Weekly published a photo of one of our Kindling Words book signings (scroll down to find it). I’m in the second row from the back, which makes this the first time my picture has appeared in PW. 🙂

Am upstate now, with my nephew (and many of my other relations); his birthday party is tomorrow.

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