So, when lnhammer first moved to Tucson, he would call me in St. Louis every few weeks and say, “hey, it’s snowing!” Since St. Louis was having a winter full of ice storms, I wasn’t much impressed. But when I finally moved out here, I was kind of looking forward to seeing my first desert snow.

I waited. And waited. It snowed in the mountains, of course. And once in a while, white stuff would fall from the sky, never sticking, not down in the city, at least.

Until today. On a random day in the middle of my fourteenth winter in Tucson, it started snowing as we walked home from a movie. A few hours later, it started sticking.

Glorious, glorious stuff. lnhammer went walking in it, watching our footprints in the snow, making snowballs, talking to the few others who were outside, including our new next door neighbors, who we’d not met yet. We found a toddler out with Mom, who’d learned a new word today, and kept repeating it: “Snow. Snow.” Lots of flashbulbs going off in the distance. Because we’re not use to this. It’s magic.

Well, really I always thought snow was magic. But I’ve waited a long time for this particular snow. 🙂

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