Desert winter

It’s cold out there! Already below freezing, and getting colder. Breath puffing out into the air and all. The sort of thing folks in other parts of the country might actually recognize as winter. (Then again, you all would probably put on a coat and hat and gloves before stepping outside, too!)

It was cold this morning, too. The sort of morning where you might easily ditch any plans you had to go hiking, if you weren’t meeting other folks to do so. (Thanks, jamiam, for getting us all out the door. :-)) Once we were moving, though, it was perfect weather for desert hiking. A low-elevation hike (there was snow at the higher elevations, after all!), taking the Douglas Springs Trail to Bridal Wreath Falls. What waterfall there was was–surprise–frozen, with a single slow drip reminding us that this really was, in other seasons, running water.

We didn’t stay at the waterfall long, though. Because when we stopped moving, the weather immediately became less perfect. Did I mention it was cold?

But the sky was doing it’s deep blue thing, the sun was doing it’s turn-the-cactus-spines-golden thing, and the views down toward the city from the Rincon foothills were doing their stunning-view thing. All worth getting up and heading out into the cold for, for sure.

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