Writerly eavesdropping

So I’m in the local coffee shop, listening to the two women who’ve come in, clearly to have a good chat. First it seems one is talking about her husband … then I guess it’s a coworker instead … then I realize it’s (I think) a volunteer she oversees. She’s going to demand he put things in writing, like other people, not just make promises, come up with a plan. I didn’t catch a plan for what, and I’m kind of disappointed to have missed that.

We writers are terrible eavesdroppers.

Sometimes, I have this notion that it’s not because we’re writers, but because we’re not quite clear on how being human really works, and we figure even the most mundane conversations might offer some clue toward figuring it out.

Whether we want to figure it out because it’s a useful thing to understand, though, or only because we figure it’ll help us write better stories, that I don’t know. 🙂

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