Ice cream!

I discovered yesterday that Cold Stone Creamery (make of some of the most decadent ice cream on the planet) offers gift cards–in denominations ranging from $3 to $500.

$500 worth of ice cream.

I figure that–if one goes for Cold Stone Creamery’s large (“gotta have it!”) size, that still covers a weekly ice cream habit for, oh, two years.

Ice cream is one of humanity’s better inventions–beating out dark chocolate hands down. But who gifts someone $500 worth of ice cream?

Yes, I did email corporate to ask. Haven’t heard back yet. Maybe it’s the same people who use rolls of 10,000 stamps? My local cashier, when asked, told me that she, personally, has never sold a gift card for more than $50.

So why was I at Cold Stone Creamery yesterday? Because it was, like 75 degrees out. And even in Arizona, a 75 degree day in January demands one take a half hour off and sit outside with ice cream.

But January only has 31 days. So even in the nicest January ever, a $150 gift card would cover it.

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