Ad heard on the radio today, paraphrased from memory:

Father: “We’re going to get Mommy a gift!”
Son: “Can we get her a robot?”
Father: “I don’t think Mommy likes robots.”
Son: “I know–how about a dinosaur?”
Father: “I don’t think Mommy likes dinosaurs, either.”
Son (disbelieving): “Mommy doesn’t like dinosaurs?”
Father: “Not as much as you and I do, son.”
Son: “Well, what does she like?”
Father: “Something sparklier.”

Meaning, as the listener has figured out by this point, diamonds.

Cue righteous indignation at the notion my fellow women and I would want diamonds if there were dinosaurs to be had.

Do you suppose, if we went with semiprecious stones instead, there might be funds enough left over for at least a small mammoth?

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