Home from TusCon, where much fun was had hanging out and talking to folks all weekend. We missed TusCon last year–for the excellent purpose of visiting my brother in Switzerland–so it felt good to be back this year. Something in the rhythm of the year felt subtly off, without my home town con as part of it.

Not much to actually report on, but here’s one cool thing: watching a flintknapper turn the bottom of a green glass cider bottle into an arrowhead. Because, you know, manufactured glass can be turned into a tool just like obsidian can. I also think I may finally have a decent visual understanding of just how flintknapping works. (I tried it once, as part of a community college class called Survival With Nothing; it’d be fun to go back and try spending more than an hour on it, sometime. Something kind of compelling about stone tools.)

Had a great reading of Secret of the Three Treasures, too. Tiernay is fun to read aloud. 🙂

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