Sound and silence

(This was originally a post for fangs_fur_fey, but I accidentally posted it here instead. But hey, no reason I can’t discover (lack of) playlists both places, right?)

It was good to hear tatehallaway admit to writing in silence. I don’t always write in silence, but for later drafts, especially those when I’m really needing to really hear how the words and the voice of the story sounds, I need to turn the music off.

What music I do listen to I need to know well enough that it isn’t intrusive. But I don’t really have a set book playlist like so many folks seem to. I tend to just click on something that looks good, and if it clashes with the tone of the book or the scene I’m working on, I go and find something else that doesn’t. I tried making music mixes I thought my characters would approve of a couple of times, but I didn’t find them any better for writing the books those characters were in than other mixes, though they were fun enough to have around for non-writing purposes.

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