More Bones

Thanks, all, for the good thoughts on Bones of Faerie. Reading them made me smile and smile, and I’m going to hang on to them all! 🙂

A couple folks asked for more details about the book. I’m still working on getting it down to just a few words, but my contract gives this one-line summary: “A girl flees into forbidden woods when she discovers she’s tainted with forbidden magic.”

The reason magic is forbidden is that the book is set in the aftermath of the war between Faerie and humans. The world–save for a few surviving towns–is still thick with deadly magic, and everyone with any sense knows that you have to cast magic out when you find it, or better yet destroy it. And the protagonist agrees with this, but she still can’t bring herself to face her father, who just a few weeks ago set her infant sister out on a hillside for having magic as well.

If anyone’s going to be at World Fantasy Con in a couple weeks, I’ll be reading the opening scene at Broad Universe’s multi-author Rapid Fire reading, at 11 a.m. Saturday, too.

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