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I’ve been having fun doing some speaking the past few weeks. There was a time when I wouldn’t have combined fun and public speaking in the same sentence, but I’ve surprised myself by enjoying it more and more, the past few years: credit for that goes to a combination of all those years being on panels at cons, combined with the voice lessons I took for a couple of years (and hope to clear time for again one day).

I still think the fact that writing–which many of us start doing because we’re somewhat solitary–can cause one to learn to speak in front of others to be somewhat ironic, though. But good for us, too. 🙂

Two weekends ago I was at the Oro Valley Public Library‘s Book Festival, where I ran a spirited idea developing session with a group of kids and adults. I love it when kids and adults can both be part of something–too often, events are either kid events or adult events; we could use more places where kids and adults can participate side by side, without either feeling that they’re merely tolerating an event for the other.

Last weekend I was at the UA Bookstores’ Teacher Extravaganza; K-8 teachers spent the morning in workshops focused on teaching writing, then had lunch with local writers, and got to hear a little bit about each of ours’ books. I always like talking to teachers–I feel like (the speaking we do notwithstanding) writers really are mostly working behind the scenes–but teachers’, they’re on the front lines, and I admire them tremendously for it.

The presentation also got me to thinking about what I gained from being a kid who was encouraged to write–I’ll put some of the things I came up with in a separate post, I think.

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