No, no one wants to let the story end

You’re trying to be responsible, aren’t you? That’s why you can’t write.

The last four episodes of Princess Tutu arrived in today’s mail, so of course we put aside any plans we had to be productive this evening and settled in to watch.

I have no clue how to even begin to discuss the final episodes. When I first started watching, this really seemed a good-hearted but silly story of a duck who turns into a ballerina princess to restore a prince’s shattered heart. But by the end of the series, it was about writing, stories, how characters don’t always listen to their creators, how to love and be loved, finding our true selves, finding our power to act in the world, the nature of despair, how we can and can’t protect each other, the comfort of stories and why it’s terrifying to leave them, what we get to keep of stories when we do leave them, and the power we have to reach each other with our individual art and voices.

Among other things I’ve no doubt left out. Plus, there was also one bit that’s too spoilery to even whisper about, but that made me very, very happy, because I saw it back in the first season and didn’t think the writers would really follow it anywhere.

And once I get screen capture to work, I’m totally creating an icon that says, “He lost patience and called a duck into the story.” (ETA: Done.)

“It’s my fault. Because I’m thinking that I don’t want the story to end.”
“Idiot. You’re not the only one … No, no one wants the story to end … Everyone is scared of returning to their true selves.”

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