More Princess Tutu

“Maybe you shouldn’t after all …”
“Didn’t you tell me to hurry up and write?”
“I’m sorry! I mean, I didn’t think it was such a major thing! I thought it was just writing!”

lnhammer and I are still watching Princess Tutu, and are now only four episodes from the end. (The only reason we’re not done is that the last four episodes won’t be released until late June.)

This was compelling stuff from the start. But now it’s beginning to seriously rock.

Because, like, Fakir is taking on the writer. He’s not just breaking the fourth wall, he’s about to engage in a full-scale sword-at-the-ready attack on it–and on what’s on the other side. I mean, the whole series has been about questioning the storyteller–but now we’re challenging him. What writer could resist?

The thing is, the whole series is about writers and writing and how they interact. Well, okay, and also about ballet. But mostly, this is the sort of thing that pushes all sorts of interesting buttons if one is a writer. Especially if one is a fantasy writer, or if one is the sort of writer who also thought that Into the Woods rocked, too.

Plus, Fakir. Fakir is very nice on the eyes. That doesn’t hurt, either.

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