Thanks to the generous offer of friends who are letting us house-and-cat sit, lnhammer are hiding out on the edge of town this long weekend and holding a mini writing retreat. (With a brief foray out to meet rachelmanija for dinner–much fun to finally meet in person!) Not much to say about a writing retreat, of course, except that we’re here and we’re writing. And getting some one-on-one desert time, too, because, while one never forgets the desert in the middle of town where we live, it’s much more insistently present at the edges. Lovely, especially at the start of summer, when the sky has turned that particular hot, deep shade of blue, and the sun makes the greens of the trees and cacti sharp against it, and the wind blows hot and dry. Coyote choruses in the evening, great horned owls to wake one through the screen door in the morning, just watched some ravens conversing as they landed and launched from a local pine tree.

But mostly I’m just writing, getting (hopefully) some forward momentum going on the current work-in-progress.

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