lnhammer have been devouring working our way through Princess Tutu: an anime series about a duck who becomes a girl who becomes a ballerina princess with magic powers who loves a prince but can’t say so, and who is trying to restore the scattered shards of his shattered heart to him–a quest complicated by the fact that the prince escaped from his story when his writer died. The shards take the form of various missing emotions the prince needs to regain: fear, regret, curiosity, love, and so on.

All of which is much more charming than anything that whack and convoluted has any right to be.

Anyway, last night, as the evil princess (because you can’t have a good princess without an evil one, right?) was effortlessly manipulating our prince, I turned to lnhammer and said: “He needs the backbone shard.”

lnhammer replied: “No, he needs the clue shard.”

Ever since then, I can’t help thinking that a picture of the girl named Duck, looking flustered and frazzled in the way only she can, with the words “Wait! Wait! I know I saw the clue shard around here somewhere!” would make an excellent icon. As would one of Fakir (the prince’s best friend, because you can’t have a prince without a best friend, right?) looking serious and angsty, with the words, “Looking for the clue shard.”

But if I started searching for these images (there was even an episode where both characters were, in fact, searching through tunnels) I wouldn’t be writing, right? Or even getting things together for tonight’s Scout meeting.

So sadly, the clue shard will have to remain unfound. For how, at least.

ETA: Then again …

Looking for the CLUE Shard

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