Adults and teen reading

Rosemary Graham on why she wishes Naomi Wolf would stop. Which is the best (and most articulate) response I’ve seen to Naomi Wolf’s recent article on trashy young adult fiction. (With thanks to cynthialeitich for the link.)

I’ve had Wolf’s original article forwarded to me, or pointed out to me, several times now. And it’s not like I disagree with Wolf’s points, exactly. And I admire and respect her quite a bit–The Beauty Myth was a deeply influential book for me, helping me, in my early 20s, to rethink my notions of beauty and body image in ways that have made my life significantly better.

But too many adults–not all of whom I respect as much as Wolf–find it way too easy to make pronouncements on what teens are reading. Some of them–perhaps many of them–are well intentioned. But it gets tiresome, after a while.

I’m more interested in knowing what teens think of teen reading than in hearing adults worry about what teens think of teen reading.

ETA: YALSA’s list of books for teens who liked the Gossip Girls Series.

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