Adventurer party

In honor of the new book, I’m holding a virtual adventurer party here in my journal. Come dressed in your favorite adventurer gear, bring your favorite adventurer food, and recount stories of adventures past, present, or future.

Treasure maps are over in the corner, along with pick-axes. I’m a little suspicious of any map that uses an X to mark the spot, but feel free to have a go.

Climbing wall is in the next room. Can’t quite see the top, but I’m sure it leads someplace interesting.

The nearest trail into the mountains is just out the kitchen door.

Can’t tell you much about those strange sounds coming from the root cellar. Do let me know if you find anything out.

Mysterious dusty tomes are all over the place–but then, they were, even before I started decorating.

I’ll be here in the corner, in my hiking boots and well-worn adventurer hat, handing out chocolate-covered crickets.

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