Meeting the crow baby

Just back from a short visit to New York, where I got to meet nephew Asher in person. He loves looking around, is willing to be held by just about anyone (especially if they’re holding the all-important bottle), is working on learning to lift his head (and can bang it against nearby shoulders with surprising force), and definitely enjoyed his excursions into the outside world: he merely slept while being wheeled through the mall; but when allowed to lie on a blanket beneath the open sky, he went watchful and wide-eyed and curious immediately.

He can go in an instant from wide-eyed and awake and curious to nearly asleep; right before sleep, his eyes become lidded, and roll back so that just a sliver of white shows.

His favorite word seems to be “ah-goo,” but that’s subject to change without notice. 🙂

I’ve taken a fair number of pictures, and no doubt will have to update his web page sometime very soon.

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