Bound galleys

Bound galleys for Secret of the Three Treasures arrived this afternoon! 🙂

From the flap copy:

Three treasures they took from us during the War.
The first we found again.
The second was lost, yet may be recovered.
But the third is gone–gone beyond recall.

Move over, Nancy Drew! Get lost, Indiana Jones! Tiernay West is ready to take over in this hilarious middle-grade adventure novel. Moving with the stealth of a great cat of the African plains, Tiernay can track a bicycle on dry pavement. She has little use for ballet, fancy dresses, her mother’s new–and frankly, very dull–boyfriend, or his nerdy, computer-obsessed son, Kevin. When Tiernay catches wind of possible buried treasure in her own home town, she’s on the case. Little does she knows where this will lead her–is running for her life, scaling cliffs in the middle of the night, or getting trapped underground really part of the plan?

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