Fantasy influences

I spoke yesterday about how fantasy and real life interact, for the UA College of Education’s Conference on
Literature and Literacy for Children and Adolescents

I may try to edit my full talk into a form I can put online later, but for now … at the start of the session I listed some of the things I’d learned from reading being a fantasy-devouring kid — and adult:

– That it’s okay to seek out a bit of adventure; no one meant for life to be boring.
– That it’s okay to take chances; sometimes it’s even necessary.
– That the place you’re born into doesn’t have to be the place you stay all your life.
– That we all have some role to play in saving the world.
– That everyone has unexpected talents and abilities.
– That a lonely child or an awkward outcast can become a hero.
– That if someone was writing the books I was reading, there had to be other people as strange as me out there, somewhere, and maybe one day I’d find them.

I’m sure there are others I’ve left off my list (and the list on its own underplays the value of straight-up escapism, something I touched on more in my talk), but I’m curious … what’s on your list? How has reading fantasy influenced you, if it has? (Or reading in general, if you’re not a fantasy reader.)

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