So we seem to have a feline boarder.

Sweet, talkative black-and-orange shorthair cat, been hanging alone around the local coffeeshop for a couple days now, seems to have an injured paw. So, umm, when no one else would take her home, I did. After much hesitation and internal debate.

Because we can’t keep her. Our 17-year-old elder cat simply isn’t up to another young cat being introduced into the household. But I am planning to take her to the vet (am hoping they can get her in when they open), to get the paw (which she isn’t letting us look at) treated, get her her shots, get her spayed if she isn’t already. And find her a home.

She clearly knows from humans and houses; she let me carry her with minimal fuss, was more curious than stressed at the car ride, and not only knew what a litter box was but was eager to use it. She’s in isolation in the guest bath, where she’s talking her little heart out, except when someone comes in and gives her some love and attention.

Anyone in Southern Arizona want a human-friendly, highly affectionate cat?

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