Two things acquired on travels

From a friend of my brother’s, late one night, two French tongue twisters:

Les chausettes de l’archduchesse
Sont elles sèches archi sèches?

Crache les crocs craquants du crocodile
Chri-chri crachant des croustillants craquant.

Be curious what any French speakers in the audience make of them.

Meanwhile, the hardest of the English tongue twisters we knew, from the perspective of someone with French as a first language, was the classic “She sells sea shells by the sea shore.” But still, my brother’s friend was way ahead of us at this game, anyway. 🙂

It was fun–in a country that has several official languages even within its borders, and where the fact that not everyone will be equally fluent in all of them is pretty much taken for granted–to watch as folk with different base languages switched back and forth, looking for words they had in common wherever they could find them. (My own German and French, alas, remain extremely fragmentary, though perhaps very slightly less so than when the week began.)

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