Because one public rant a week is enough

I figure one rant a week in this journal is enough, so even though–sparked by working with some luxury home photos that of course show the television front and center, because isn’t a television a crucial part of luxury living?–I’m not going to do post an extended rant on how irritating I find the ubiquitousness of television in modern life.

Even if I have, after two weeks of travelling, been subjected to television in far too many airports. And even if, when I complain of the television that runs constantly in my local post office, I get a blank look, because most folks can’t conceive of a life in which television isn’t a constant presence. And even if friends persist in talking to me about the television shows and even commercials they’ve recently watched, not comprehending this will mean nothing to me.

I won’t even rant about how when you tell someone you don’t watch TV, they’ll tell you they don’t watch much either–and then continue talking to you about TV shows they couldn’t talk to you about if they didn’t watch quite a bit indeed–as if, the more one’s life is dominated by television, the less one is willing to actually admit it.

I will, however, say that our one television set may have died this week, though, and that whether or not to replace it is kind of a hard call. Are the handful of videos and once-every-few-months newscasts we watch worth the presence of a TV in our living room? As interior decorative elements, TVs are actually pretty ugly, after all, and tend to dominate the room they’re in no matter where you put them, and no matter whether they’re actually turned on.

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