Not that I mentioned I was away. 🙂

Spent the past week up in Port Townsend’s Fort Worden State Park, with seven other writers, doing … well, nothing that makes much of a journal entry, but lots that makes for a good writing week. Filled my days with writing and long walks along the beach, through the forest, and up atop the ruins of the old military bunkers for which the park is named. Lots of crows, seagulls, and one particularly non-wary coyote met along the way. Nights were for critiquing and a very pleasant library reading–Port Townsend has a lovely library, run by folks whose clearly love books, with a large children’s section that I would have adored as a kid–and still adore now.

Finished rough drafts of a middle grade novel and a picture book; a scene of a collaborative project; and a slightly less rough draft of an adult short story.

(With apologies to Seattleites and Vancouverites–I’d originally hoped to have some time for visiting as well, but the timing wound up being tight enough that I headed up to Port Townsend and back, without any time to spare on either end.)

Meanwhile, along with the usual beach rocks, I was amused at the collection of warning sign photos I gathered on the trip (even though, yes, I took the ones that deserved it seriously):

Tsunami Hazard Zone - Uneven Walking Surface - Aggressive Coyotes - Warning: Hazardous Area

Never did figure out what was hazardous about the hazarous area.

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