Quote of the day

“In order to create my best work, I’ve discovered that I must be willing to make myself vulnerable, to start from a place of not knowing. If I’m driven by the need to impress others, I can’t afford to be undefended. But if it’s the work itself that’s guilding me, I can open myself to continual discovery. Instead of asking, “Is this good?” I can ask, “What does my work need? Where is it taking me? What is the piece trying to say or be, and what’s the next step to further that? Worries about recognition are replaced with an ongoing commitment to discerning the nature of the work I am pursuing, and to be in service to it.”
— Illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien, writing in this month’s SCBWI Bulletin

(Other articles in this month’s SCBWI Bulletin are arguably less useful: what I can learn about writing kids’ books by watching American Idol, how to break writing rules I can’t remember ever following, and how to use online role-playing-game name generators to generate names for my fantasy novels (umm). Contrarywise, though, there is a short how-to-spot a scam article, which is the sort of thing that can’t be included too often. And hey, at least SCBWI has never invited PublishAmerica to present at its conference, unlike some people.)

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