Titles, titles

The general consensus is that Adventure Has No Bedtime sounds too young. I actually agree, though it otherwise has the right tone.

Adventure En Garde
Adventure’s Call
Adventurers Are …
My Life As An Adventurer
Adventurer’s Gold
Adventure Unplugged
Slugs, Sidekicks, and Other Venomous Creatures
Disarming Venomous Creatures
Call of Adventure
Adventure Unbounded
You Can’t Ground Adventure
Adventure After Dark
Adventurers Are Naturally Curious
Asking for Adventure
Adventure Has …
Adventure Is …
Adventure Isn’t for Wimps
Living on Deep-Fried Crickets
Adventure in South Newbury
Adventurers Have No Phobias
Adventure Bound
Professional Adventurers
My Life as a Professional Adventurer
Seeking Adventure
Adventure Has No Title
Caves, Cliffs and Deep-Fried Crickets
Scaling Adventure
Seeking Adventure
Understanding Adventure
I Want Adventure Now, Dammit!
You Can’t Keep a Good Adventurer Down
Can’t Stop That Adventuring Feeling
What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Adventuring?
I’m An Adventurer and You’re Not
Raiders of the Lost Adventure
Adventure’s Price
Adventure Has No Price
Say Adventure!
Ready for Adventure
Adventure Ready or Not
Adventurer Gear
Adventure Geared
Time for Adventure
Adventurer Time
Daring Escapes
Intrepid Escapes
Adventures West
Adventurer for Hire
My First Adventure
Legends of Adventure
Adventures No One Believes
Adventures I Don’t Believe
Adventure’s Path

The right title is out there somewhere, surely.

The question being whether it’s out there somewhere I can find it by the end of the week.

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