Hurricane Mass Transit

lucy_anne pointed out to me that the only source we had for the notion that the Greyhound terminal in New Orleans closed the Saturday before Katrina was a single livejournal post, so–since that’s not necessarily the most reliable source in the world–I picked up the phone and called Greyhound to get a primary source.

Well, maybe not quite a primary source, but close–the woman I reached there said the bulletins that went out were no longer around and so she didn’t have an exact time, but she was pretty sure that the New Orleans Greyhound station closed sometime Sunday, morning or afternoon–and that the last bus would have gone out sometime Saturday.

So now we (more or less) know.

ETA: According to Amtrak, the last train out of the city would also have left on Saturday, the New Orleans/Chicago line (that night, it sounded like).

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