Friends lists/expectations.

(And, just in case anyone is feeling paranoid now … if you’re seeing this at all, I probably read your journal pretty regularly. But if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be at all personal. 🙂

(And, I can’t edit polls, so, umm, ignore the typo. I do know the difference between their and they’re, honest!)

ETA: Thanks all! Based on this, I decided to cull the journals I’m really, truly not ever getting to reading–I’d been feeling a bit dishonest in making it look like I did, and really, I try not to friends lock all that often anyway. And otherwise … it’s good to know that most other people are as laid back about this as I am. Because it isn’t personal, more a matter of time than anything, really. (One day they’ll start calling this a readinglist, and most of the emotional connotations will go away. 🙂

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