Thanks, all, for sharing your fantasy world wish lists (feel free to still contribute!). Very useful stuff, on a couple different levels, for the current project. And interesting in itself, too.

Especially interesting were all the common threads. The consensus seems to be that flight, cool food, cool weaponry, and a horse are most important. 🙂

And books, which is one I oddly hadn’t anticipated. I think I was assuming that if you’re there, you don’t need to read about it anymore–but of course, that wouldn’t be true for me either. I’d want my beloved books with me anywhere I went (at 10 and now), as well as cool new ones. (And now I’m remembering a project of mine where the protagonist, having sort-of-magically been given the language of the world she was transported to, was delighted to discover the library–until she realized that she hadn’t sort-of-magically been given the ability to read that language.)

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