First pass at a style sheet

Style Sheet for Tiernay West, Professional Adventurer


  • Tiernay West, not Tierney West
  • Places and things are generally capitalized when it’s reasonable to do so: eg., the Lost Library of Alexandria, not the lost library of Alexandria
  • Patriots, Tories, Loyalists, Revolutionary War, Revolution
  • GraveBuster IV (also GraveBuster)
  • Kabul and Kathmandu are in time zones that are fractions of hours off from the rest of the world (making it possible for it to be 7:55 p.m. in Singapore, 4:25 p.m. in Kabul, and 5:40 p.m. in Kathmandu)
  • Serial commas are used throughout


  • Arakistan (and Arakistani)
  • Buried Treasure Antiques
  • the Chattering Stones
  • Estavapol (and the Fabled Ruins of Estavapol)
  • Hale’s Imports
  • the Hidden City (and Arakistan’s Hidden City)
  • Juaraja (and the Healing Springs of Juaraja)
  • the Keroon (and the Whistling Sword of the Keroon)
  • the Lost Library of Alexandria
  • the Newbury River
  • North Central University
  • Putnam’s Map and Atlas Center
  • the Secret Organization’s Secret Headquarters (also the Secret Organization, Brooke’s Secret Organization, the Secret Headquarters, and the Headquarters)
  • South Newbury

Names (alphabetized by last name)

  • Greg
  • Kevin
  • the One-Eyed Seer
  • Seth
  • Mr. Abrams
  • Ms. Friedman
  • Jane Grey (not Gray)
  • Jessie (Jessica) Harrison
  • Jillian Knowles
  • Daryll Jensen; aka Daryll the slug (not Daryll the Slug)
  • Emma Jensen
  • Katie Jensen
  • Timothy Jensen
  • Mr. Jensen
  • Mrs. Johnston
  • Abigail Keane
  • James Keane
  • Sylvia Keane
  • Thomas Keane
  • Mrs. Lamb
  • Miss Nadine
  • T.J. Redstone
  • Francesca Rodgers
  • Brooke Sanders
  • Jake West
  • Tiernay West (not Tierney); aka Tiernay Markowitz


  • The Keanes of South Newbury
  • Adventure’s Path
  • The River’s Secret
  • Songs of Death
  • Treachery at Sea
  • Whispers of the Past

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