Windwood Rose

About a decade ago, I wrote a short story called “Windwood Rose,” which was published in Bruce Coville’s Book of Magic. I borrowed the name from lucy_anne, and am still grateful for the loan, seeing as that name was all I knew when I started the story. Well, that and the opening line–“Draw near, and I will tell you a story”–which I grabbed onto and followed to the story’s end.

The name “Windwood Rose” seems to be original to lucy_anne, and all the references to it I’ve found online seem to trace back to the story. I’ve known for a long time about windwoodrose; we exchanged email some years back. There’s was also a Windwood Rose in Buffy fandom for a while. And today I see that there’s a Miranda Windwood Rose attending Hogwarts.

But what really startled me was learning that Daisy the llama was born at the Windwood Rose Llama Company.

I have no idea whether this one is a coincidence or not. But I am amused.

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