Local music rec

Went last night to a CD release party for Roth d’Lux, a local group lnhammer got hooked on a couple of Tucson Folk Festivals ago, and introduced me to last year.

As usual, Tucson proved a smaller city than we’d realized–we were going simply because we’d heard their music and liked it lots; but it turned out junoxxiv plays soccer with the lead singer, and so was there as well, along with her daughters, one of whom is in my Scout troop, the other of whom plays soccer with the lead singer’s daughter. 🙂

There are really only 17 people in Tucson, and they all know each other. If it looks like more, that’s only the CGI effects out of Cloudwrangler Ranch.

The music was splendid, as it was the first time I heard it. Even their depressing music has you tapping your feet. 🙂 Good stuff.

And there are samples and CDs on the Roth d’Lux web site, so non-locals can hear their music, too.

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