Answering five questions from lnhammer

2. How many digits of π can you recite?

To my shame, only six.

5. How do you reconcile the an omnipotent God with the existence of suffering? (Show your work.)

Mostly by not assuming an omnipotent God.

Also by figuring, no matter what omnipotent beings are or are not out there, doing something about suffering–especially the human-caused variety–is our lookout, not God’s.

1. e or φ?


4. If you had the power to compel people to answer five questions in turn, who would you use it on?

Am I compelling them to answer truthfully? If so, George Bush, with any number of other world leaders lined up behind him.

If not, not sure I’d bother.

3. Pythagorean triples or prime triplets?

Pythagorean triples. Because right triangles rock.

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