And this is why we all must do our research

So, I’m working on a story set in a particular location, and I have my protagonist running during a crisis to the emergency room of a particular hospital. I chose this hospital because it’s very near to the main action of the story. Today I called them to ask some procedure questions about how the emergency room handles unaccompanied minors.

“Well, we wouldn’t handle them,” the woman who answered said. “We don’t have an emergency room.”

This is a question I had not even thought to ask. It changes major bits of blocking, since no other hospital is quite that close, and an ambulance ride will now need to be involved somehow.

But knowing that I almost committed the sort of mistake that would have made any locals roll their eyes, I’m really, really glad I had another reason to call!

And the folks at the new hospital we’re sending our protagonist to were very friendly and helpful, and answered all my questions. 🙂

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