Five questions from enrobso

1)You are given a huge amount of money for the film rights to Tiernay West: Proferssional Adventurer but the more you hear about the script and casting, the more you realise it’s going to be a complete travesty of your work. How do you deal with the situation?

Assuming the contract is already signed, I smile, invest the money well, and use the existence of the film to negotiate a nice deal on the next Tiernay book.

When people ask how I feel about having my book ruined, I politely tell them it hasn’t been ruined, it’s right on the shelf where it always was.

2)You find out that the nice old man next door was a clerk in the SS during the second world war. He’s always been a very generous neighbor and he never personally killed anyone. Do you report him to the authorities?

Depends what he actually did as a clerk, and whether he was responsible for any war crimes himself, and whether he’s done anything that the authorities would even be interested in knowing about. I need to know more about what his role in particular was before deciding whether to take further action.

3)You are given a one way ticket in a time machine, what period do you head for and why?

The time period five minutes from now. Because I kind of like this story, and I want to see how it turns out. 🙂

4)Your partner is offered his dream writing job, but it would involve a move back to NYC. How do the two of you reach a decision on the move?

Lots and lots of discussion, research, weighing of pros and cons, making of lists if necessary. Starting with whether he wants the job badly enough to move to New York, since he’s even more averse to living there than I am; and if he does, what would make it something I’d also be willing to do. If lnhammer really wanted the job and I could write fiction full time there, I’d probably be willing to go. Also relevant is whether this job is for a few years, or for an indefinite span.

And you have to admit, if they’re hiring full-time epic poets in NYC, that’s a pretty good argument for my having underestimated the city’s charms. 🙂

5)Where is your favorite bookstore in the world and what makes it so special?

Possibly the bookstore I worked in as a teen. Rows and rows of unruly paperbacks, a large SF/fantasy section, and everything was 50 cents a book at the time–half of that if I wanted to take part of my paycheck in books. 🙂

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