Yes, but what happens when you colonize a world with 28-hour days?

An analysis of something I’ve long wondered about: how to observe Jewish law on a spaceship.

I’d only previously heard the take, “Observant Jews can’t go into space,” which never made any sense to me. Here, that’s given as only the first of many interpretations.

Especially interesting:

In other words, space travel is permitted as long as the motive is research and investigation and not to challenge God’s authority in the universe.

Also, the page points out that this issue has to some extent already been dealt with: for those living in places where the sun doesn’t always set, as well as for those lost in places where they’re unsure what day it is and unable to find out.

(Link from fjm)

ETA: And here’s a detailed post from mabfan on how to follow Jewish law once you land on your colony world.

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