Are we offended yet?

An article on how to find a mate from my local paper. You’d think I’d know better than to read articles like this, as they consistently irritate me.

This time around, the advice seems to boil down to:
– Ditch your romantic notions; love isn’t a fairy tale, and dating needs to be treated like a serious business.
– Let him do most of the talking, at least for the first few days.
– Put money into clothes, makeup, makeovers, weight-loss and, if you can bring yourself to do it, plastic surgery, because men care about these things.

That last bit of advice, especially, offends me, though I’ve met it before; the whole “let’s face it, men care about looks, so you’d better care, too.” Now, I understand that being well-groomed tends to give the impression that one has one’s life together, which is a legitimate thing to want to know about a would-be partner. But beyond that … too few people seem to ask, “Do I want a man who isn’t interested in me unless I’m thin and wear makeup and surgically alter my appearance?” (Not to mention: “Why isn’t he undergoing plastic surgery and a makeover for me, too?”)

Personally, I’d propose some alternate advice:
– Live your life. Be yourself.
– Do things you enjoy, and do them in places where other people do them too.
– Make friends. Make connections.
– If romance sparks and takes hold in the course of the above, enjoy it.

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