Bragging on locals

This Wednesday’s Arizona Daily Star had a nice article by Bonnie Henry about local writer Jennifer Stewart and her latest middle grade book, Close Encounters of a Third World Kind.

The story is about of a kid whose parents drag her off to Nepal so her Dad can do medical work there–only played for humor rather than angst; and even the serious bits are handled with a light touch.

From the opening (because of course I own a copy):

I saw a plane like it in a museum once, suspended by cables from the ceiling. Someone famous had flown it. Now its evil twin glittered on the runway.

“We’re flying in that?” Fear glued the soles of my sneakers to the asphalt, and my little sister, Chelsea, bumped into me from behind.

It’s not that I’m afraid, but you have to know I’m a 747 kind of girl. I like in-flight magazines and packages of salty pretzels and my choice of soda: root beer, no ice. And did you know barf bags can be turned into really neat puppets?

But I especially like radar.

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