Today was warm, but there’s been a cooler wind blowing through all evening, the sort of wind that feels like it’s carrying some sort of change or omen, only you can’t quite get the scent of it.

Went out to dump some food trimmings in the new compost bin, and was assailed by the scent of citrus blossoms from our nearby grapefruit tree. Wandered around to see if any of last year’s grapefruit were ripe, and looked up, and found myself staring at small white blossoms, lit brightly by the quarter moon. This is a tree that’s been ailing, so seeing so many blossoms was heartening.

Wandered back across the yard, and saw our white irises, also lit by the moon, a small field of them. I’ve always thought of them as a gift from the previous owner, who knew nothing of us when she planted them. There were only a few iris blooms our first couple years, and many of them toppled over. Now, after a few years of nothing more than benign neglect, there are too many to count.

The wind had knocked some of the irises down, so I cut a bouquet of them, interspersed with some weedy yellow flowers that have also been vigorously growing in our yard. They’re sitting in a vase on our table now.

It’s been a wet winter. It’s turning into a glorious spring.

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