The Sonoran desert–even here within the city–is so very green right now. The backyard is carpeted in soft growth, the soil when I walk is springy beneath my feet, puddles of water remain where they are for hours and hours.

The desert is always greener than most folks think–but it’s usually a chalky sort of green, not this bright, quick growth, much of which really did come up in a matter of days, or a week or two. Normally, it’s a place of hard earth and bright sky and dry air. But the winter storms have come, and that changes everything.

For a few weeks at least.

Anyone who thinks the desert doesn’t have seasons hasn’t spent a few years here, year-round. If you just come in the winter and then leave; or if you define seasons as falling-leaves/falling-snow/budding-branches/heat-and-humidity; then you don’t understand that. I didn’t understand it, my first year here.

But the desert has seasons, and the desert has change. It’s all about water and growth, cycling round.

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