New Andre Norton Award for YA science fiction/fantasy award

SFWA has started a new award — the Andre Norton Award — for young adult science fiction and fantasy.

sartorias and I are both on the jury, so … if you read any worthy (2005-published) YA science fiction or fantasy, let us know about it!

For anyone interested in further details, the official announcement is behind the cut. The final ballot will be chosen in much the way the Nebula ballot is, through a combination of SFWA member recommendations and (up to three) juror selections.

Science Fiction Writers Association Recognizes Outstanding Works of
Young Adult Fiction with New Andre Norton Award

Award Pays Tribute to Andre Norton, Prolific and Influential Author of
Fantasy Novels and Short Stories

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has created a
new literary award to recognize outstanding science fiction and fantasy
novels that are written for the young adult market. The award has been
named in honor of Andre Norton, a SFWA Grand Master and author of more
than 100 novels, including the acclaimed Witch World series, many of
them for young adult readers. Ms. Norton’s work has influenced
generations of young people, creating new fans of the fantasy and
science fiction genres and setting the standard for excellence in
fantasy writing.

The Andre Norton Award for an outstanding young adult science fiction or
fantasy book is an annual honor that will first be given in 2006 (for books
published in 2005). Nominations will be based on the same process as the SFWA
Nebula™ Awards. Any book published as a young adult science fiction/fantasy
novel will be eligible, including graphic novels with no limit on word

“We are thrilled to honor Ms. Norton with this new award,” said
Catherine Asaro, President of SFWA. “Many adults today, myself
included, were first introduced to science fiction and fantasy through
her books and have gone on to become readers, fans, and authors
themselves. Andre Norton has done more to promote reading among young
adults than anyone can measure.”

Publishers may send books to this year’s Norton Award jurors for

Sherwood Smith, Chair
Janni Lee Simner
Jean Rabe
Victoria McManus
Greg van Eekhout
Martha Bartter
Catherine Asaro

(If anyone would like the addresses of the jurors, you drop me an email at — cut them here for space and because I wasn’t sure whether or not my fellow jurors would want their addresses posted quite this publicly.)

About SFWA

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is the professional
organization for authors of science fiction and fantasy literature. It
was founded in 1965 by Damon Knight, who also served as its first
president. SFWA has brought together the most successful and daring
writers of speculative fiction throughout the world, and has grown in
numbers and influence until it is now widely recognized as one of the
most effective non-profit writers’ organizations in existence. Over
1500 SF and fantasy writers, artists, editors, and allied professionals
are members. Each year the organization presents the prestigious Nebula
Awards™ for the best science fiction or fantasy short story, novelette,
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