Why I’m a Valentine’s Day curmudgeon

It’s not because I’m not a romantic. I am. I believe holding hands, in giving silly gifts, in going on random dates, in saying “I love you” so often that innocent bystanders roll their eyes.

But … one specific day on which I should do this? When it’s the sort of stuff that ought to be part of the everyday fabric of a relationship?

And … those gifts? The ones being advertised? Flowers and diamonds and chocolates, all cast in shades of red and pink?

And … going out as a couple on the exact same day everyone else is going out?

Also, I dislike how insecure Valentine’s Day seems to make people feel. From the nervous young men in the grocery store buying last-minute flowers for their girlfriends … to the singles who suddenly start wondering whether being single is a bad thing … to the couples who get into fights because one or the other feels the day wasn’t celebrated properly.

The candy is cool. Especially those too-sweet Necco hearts. But other than that?

I’d rather celebrate the things Valentine’s Day is trying to celebrate in different ways and on different terms. And not on an isolated day set apart from other days.

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