Interesting city data site

Found via several different journals: City-Data.Com.

It’s interesting to see how different the Southwestern city I currently live in and the Long Island town lucy_anne and I grew up in really are. Starting with the fact that Tucson is about 55 percent white, while my hometown is 91 percent white. I knew when I arrived at college that I’d been sheltered a bit on matters of race, but I don’t know that I’d remembered quite how much. And I think somehow I’d forgotten there were places in America that weren’t small towns that were that white.

The median age in Tucson is 32, which I think is high–we have lots of retirees; but the median age in my hometown is 40, which is really, really high. I think that’s economic: I doubt anyone younger could afford to buy a house in my hometown, where the median house price and income are both two-and-a-half times what they are in Tucson. The median age is probably also an increase from when I grew up on Long Island: the number of high school students is down by about 20 percent, too.

And of course, in my home town, the average high temperature never tops 90, and only in June and July tops 80. As opposed to Tucson, where the average high tops 100 two months of the year, 90 five months, and 80 seven months, and never gets below 65 regardless. Although our average temperature when highs and lows are averaged together never gets above 90. Desert extremes, and all that. Our average lows never get above about 75, either, even in mid summer.

I always wanted to live somewhere very different from where I grew up. Now I have demographic evidence that I’ve succeeded. 🙂 (Not that I didn’t already know this, of course!)

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