The one-sentence meme

The meme, gotten from several other journals: post one line from each of your works-in-progress.

Some of these are much closer to being actively worked on than others. I don’t have titles because, well, they are works in progress. Which also means they’re all subject to change:

– You have betrayed the Kingdom of Rockwood and all that it stands for.

– You wouldn’t think four words could fray the fabric of reality, change the balance of power in a country not on any maps, and speed a civil war to its ultimate conclusion.

– I don’t like frogs.

– The trouble with numbers was that they didn’t stay still.

– I’m the one who climbs the walls and doesn’t pay attention; MacKenzie is the one who can’t spell and breaks things.

– Let him discover what a thief’s eyes and heart can truly do.

– Adventure and the high seas practically went together–went together in precisely the way that adventure and being grounded did not.

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