One more gripe

I feel as let down by Kerry’s concession speech as by his quick concession.

I wanted a presidential candidate who would talk up front about how the issues I care about still matter, who would charge me and all my fellow Americans, of all parties, with going out and continuing to fight for them. Who would point out how close the election was, and tell the administration that it ignores these concerns at its peril.

Instead, an immediate move toward “healing” and playing nice. We do need to bridge divides in order to get things done, but that’s always been true. And I hate this feeling that Kerry is as eager to move toward “closure” as his opponent.

It’s possible to be gracious and wish said opponent well while still focusing on the work people of conscience everywhere need to be doing.

Sometimes, it’s hard not to wonder whose side he’s on. Not Bush’s, certainly, but not quite mine, either.

And healing comes first and foremost by fixing what’s wrong in the world.

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