Stories have something say about this

As lnhammer can attest, I spent much of this morning muttering darkly about moving to Canada or Mexico, and fretting the logistical difficulties of making a living in either place.

But you know, in all the stories I’ve written and most of the ones I’ve read, characters who run away always have to return eventually, to confront and deal with what they’ve run from–whether it’s the Dark Lord or Parents Who Don’t Get It or something in between.

I’m slowly coming to terms with the notion of sticking this out and fighting.

And then there’s the distinction Tolkien makes, between the escape of the prisoner and the flight of the deserter. In a worst case scenario, the former could one day be necessary; but I think leaving now would still be the latter.

There are reasons the characters in stories run away, and there are also reasons that this usually doesn’t work, and that in the end they return.

Story matters. It helps us see our way through.

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