For the non-voters

There’ve been plenty of posts urging folks to vote tomorrow. I agree with them all.

This post is for those who won’t be voting in this particular election because you can’t–either because you’re not U.S. citizens or because you’re under age 18:

Get in touch with every person in your life who is eligible to vote that you can, and make sure they vote.

Pull out all the stops. Make them feel guilty. If you’re under 18, remind them that it’s your future they’re deciding they don’t care about if they stay home. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, remind them that they are, and that this creates an obligation that ought not be set lightly aside, especially given the potential effects of this election on the entire world.

If you’re old enough to drive others to the polls, offer to do so. If you’re young enough to look cute as you plead with them to get out and vote, do that. Pull out all the stops. Wash dishes and clean your room and do whatever else it takes to free the voters in your life up to get out and do so.

And if you’re a U.S. citizen under 18, promise yourself now that you’re going to vote when you are old enough, every time you can. Put it in writing, so you won’t forget.

(Reworded slightly from my response to this post, urging everyone to vote tomorrow.)

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