Back from a week-long writing workshop in Port Townsend, Washington, organized by Terri Cohlene and led by Jane Yolen. Twelve published writers, ranging from picture book writers and storytellers to YA novelists, gathered together for critiquing and discussion. I really don’t have anything coherent to say about the workshop–a lot of what we did and discussed was very specific to the projects we were all working on–but it was a terrific, intense week.

We did a group reading at the Port Townsend library while we were there that was fabulous, too. Standing (well, sitting-on-the-floor) room only, kids and adults both, the sort of attentive, interested audience that clearly was used to listening to stories. Very energizing.

Now I’m puttering about, staring at walls and thinking about cleaning the office and processing various things from the workshop, and generally allowing myself some needed down time.

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