Saw Lucy Kaplansky in concert last night. Small, up-close venue–a performance room at a local church; a group of about 150 of us.

Wow. Just, wow. May be one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Kaplansky has an incredibly powerful voice in person, and she puts everything she has into each song, too.

Trivia: Cry, Cry, Cry‘s first concert was apparently here in Tucson, back in 1996, before I even knew about several of the singers I’m just discovering now. (Discovering as the result of some old tapes from lucy_anne, and some new CDs that lnhammer has been bringing home; sometimes, the radio is useless for finding interesting music.)

Some lyrics (song not written by Kaplansky, but I’m not forgetting who it is written by):

Open a dream it will probably break
Open a heart it will probably ache
Open a window it will probably rain
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Kaplansky does a compelling job of being intense without being bitter.

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